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The Big Gay Fiction Podcast is for readers and writers of gay romance fiction. If you can read it, write it, watch it or listen to it, we’ll talk about it.
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Feb 27, 2017

Jeff opens with details of his week, which included editing, writing and plotting.

The guys discussed the just announced closing of Prism Book Alliance.

Jordan Nasser's third book in the Home is a Fire series came out late last week. Jeff and Will are excited to read The Fire Inside. To celebrate the release, Jordan is offering podcast listeners to win Amazon ebooks of the first two installments in the series--Home is a Fire and The Fire Went Wild. A Rafflecopter is below to enter.

The show's new patron, Olivia, is thanked. Patrons are reminded to leave questions for the March bonus episode on Patreon.

Jeff & Will look forward to ABC's premiere of When We Rise this week. Jeff looks back on last week's episode of This Is Us. Plus they talk about an NYC concert presentation of Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City: The Musical coming in March.

Michael Scott Garvin is interviewed about his debut novel, A Faithful Son, along with details on how he balances being an interior designer/homebuilder with his love of writing and about his second book, Aunt Sookie & Me.

Complete shownotes for episode 73, along with the Rafflecopter to win Jordan Nasser’s books, are at

Feb 20, 2017

Jeff opens with details on the writing week, which included finishing a short called Head Games and going through the first round of edits for Codename: Winger #1.

Will shows off his groovy Valley of the Dolls inspired shirt from Tom's Trendy Tees.

The podcast's new patron, Brandon, is thanked.

The Gay Readers Club is discussed as is the new Provincetown bookstore, East End Books Ptown. Jeff reviews new books from Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy as well as Geoffrey Knight while Will reviews Promised Landa children's book featuring a farm boy and prince who fall in love.

The guys talk about Where the Bears Are 2 (along with its Kickstarter for season 6) as well as One Million Years BC. They also lament that they'll miss Sara Barellies going into the lead role in Broadway's Waitress.

M.J. O'Shea is here to talk about her latest Dreamspun Desire along with her prolific writing life.

Complete shownotes for episode 72 are at

Feb 13, 2017

Jeff opens with details on the writing week, including the arrival of first round edits for Codename: Winger #1, which has him excited.

The winner of the Valentine's Day Gay Romance Paperback Giveaway is announced. Congratulations Sue!

The guys talk about skipping Rainbow Book Fair and Rainbow Con this year, along with the news that GayRomLit registration is set to begin February 25.

The podcast's new patron, Brent, is thanked. Patrons are reminded that the February bonus episode will be posted on Tuesday, inside Patreon, for Valentine's Day.

Poppy Dennison has a recap of last weekend's Coastal Magic convention.

Will talks about some podcasts you should be listening to form Rachael Herron. An episode of Smart Podcast, Trashy Books is also mentioned since it features Bea & Leah from The Ripped Bodice bookstore. CBS Sunday Morning's Valentine's weekend story on romance books is discussed.

Jeff reviews the latest romance from Kindle Alexander as well as a middle grade series about musical theatre nerds by Andrew Keenan-Bolger and Kate Wetherhead while Will looks at the new Dreamspun Desire from M.J. O'Shea.

Jeff gets musical with news about the current Broadway revival of Sunday in the Park with George starring Jake Gyllenhaal, as well as Disney's Newsies: The Broadway Musical playing movie theaters. TV shows Powerless and Crazy-Ex Girlfriend are also discussed.

Jay from Joyfully Jay stops by to talk about her website's upcoming theme week, plus offers up three book recommendations.

Complete shownotes for episode 71 are at

Feb 6, 2017

Jeff reviews his week in writing, including announcing the release date for Somewhere on Mackinac and that his titles from JMS Books (including the Hat Trick series) are now available on Kindle Unlimited.

New patrons Katie, George and Christina are thanked, and the guys announce that they will release a bonus episode for patrons on Valentine's Day. Patrons who wish to ask a question for this exclusive patrons-only episode should do so by February 10.

The guys saw the 20th anniversary tour of Rent and Jeff reviews Wolfsong by TJ Klune and The Otto Digmore Difference by Brent Hartinger. Brent then joins the podcast to discuss his latest book along with the Russel Middlebrook series and his Three Truths and a Lie mystery along with lots more.

Complete shownotes for episode 70 are at

Feb 6, 2017

Jeff continues his interview from episode 70 with author Brent Hartinger and discusses the possibilities for Russel Middlebrook spin-offs for Min & Gunnar, the “Geography Club” film and Brent’s Media Carnivores podcast.

If you haven’t heard the rest of interview, go listen to episode 70 in its entirety.

Complete shownotes for episode 70 are at

Jan 30, 2017

Jeff talks about zero word counts, editing, cover reviews and getting logos for the series he'll debut this spring.

This week's new patrons--Juli-Anna, Patty and Theodore--are welcomed.

Foster Bridget Cassidy talks about her debut novel Pipelines in Paradise, which is part of States of Love series from Dreamspinner Press.

With only a week left in the Valentine's Day Gay Romance Paperback giveaway, Jeff & Will review some of the favorite tropes we've heard from listeners. In addition the guys also congratulate some of their favorite Oscar nominated films, talk about the premiere of Riverdale and the hilarious comedy/mystery series Where the Bears Are.

Lisa from The Novel Approach stops by to talk about books from Peter Styles and Cat Sebastian.

Complete shownotes for episode 69, and the chance to enter the Valentine's Day Gay Romance Paperback Giveaway, are at

Jan 23, 2017

The show is now the proud sponsor of a shelf in the LGBTQ section of The Ripped Bodice bookstore. If you're in the L.A. area be sure to cheek it out.

This week's new patrons--SB and David--are welcomed.

The new Facebook Group, This Gay Book I loved, started by author Michael Jensen, is discussed. Jeff & Will review the films Hidden FiguresFlorence Foster Jenkins and their re-watch of The Geography Club.

Jordan L. Hawk talks about her latest book, Undertow, which is part of the Whyborne & Griffin Universe. She also reveals what's on her release schedule for 2017, some fascinating research she's done for her books and much more.

Complete shownotes for episode 68, and the chance to enter the Valentine's Day Gay Romance Paperback Giveaway, are at

Jan 16, 2017

Jeff kicks off the show by updating listeners on all the writing projects he's worked on in the past week as well as his invitation to take part in the 2017 edition of the Changing on the Fly anthology.

This week's new patrons--Alicia, Marcia, Sherrylynn, Lissa and Feliza-Rose--are welcomed.

Jeff reviews books from Avon Gale and T.A. Chase while Will reviews one from Rayna Vause. Then they talk about the recent Broadway HD live stream of Holiday Inn as well as the TV shows Star, The Wall and Match Game.

Dani from Love Bytes Review stops by with some of her top book picks from 2016.

Complete shownotes for episode 67, and the chance to enter the Valentine's Day Gay Romance Paperback Giveaway, are at

Jan 9, 2017

Jeff kicks off the show with a recap of his writing week and is so far sticking to his goals for 2017. He also recaps the end of the Love's Opening Night blog tour.

New patrons Amy, Anne, Eileen, Ellen and Laura are thanked for their support. The new Valentine's Day Gay Romance Paperback Giveaway is also unveiled.

Jeff & Will review the film La La Land as well as the DC Comic's anthology Love is Love that benefits Equality Florida's fund for victims, survivors and families of the Pulse nightclub shooting. Will also talks about AJ & Magnusanother comic he's recently discovered.

Jeff interviews debut novelist Richard Compson Sater, the writer of Rank, which was one of Jeff's favorite books from 2016.

Complete shownotes for episode 66, and the chance to enter the Valentine's Day Gay Romance Paperback Giveaway, are at

Jan 2, 2017

Jeff and Will wish everyone a happy new year and recap the good release that Love's Opening Night had. They also introduce Patreon as a way for show listeners to support the podcast with a monthly pledge.

The guys talk about their goals for 2017, including writing, the podcast and trips they're looking forward to in the new year.

Will reviews a book by Heidi Cullinan while Jeff reviews titles from Brent Hartinger and Avon Gale. They both review Star Wars: Rogue One and Yuri On Ice.

Episode 65 shownotes are at

Dec 26, 2016

Jeff and Will start off the final episode of 2016 by wishing everyone a happy holiday week.

Jeff talks about getting back to work on the second book in the Codename: Winger series as well as some work that was done on the co-writing project that's in progress. He also discusses this week's release of Love's Opening Night and Will does a brief interview to get the lowdown on the book. There's also a giveaway for podcast listeners this week to win an ebook copy.

The guys spend a few minutes talking about the books they read in 2016. Among the authors whose work they call out are: Kindle Alexander, Shira Anthony, Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy, Jeff Garvin, Michael Vance Gurley, TJ Klune, Devon McCormack, Jordan Nasser and Richard Compson Sater. They also looked at how many books they read compared to their goals.

Avon Gale stops by to talk about her new book, Whiskey Business, which is part of Dreamspinner's States of Love series. She also reveals what's coming up next in 2017, including the next Scoring Chances book.

Following the interview, Jeff reviews Whiskey Business as well as two new adult books from Brent Hartinger.

Episode 64 shownotes, plus the chance to win an ebook of Love’s Opening Night, are at

Dec 19, 2016

Jeff and Will start off by wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah week.

Jeff talks about the upcoming Love's Opening Night release and the blog tour that begins on December 21. He also discusses starting edits for Somewhere on Mackinac, which will release in the spring. Next he offers up a sample of the recently released audiobook Rivals and then announces a giveaway for two podcast listeners two win a Rivals audiobook/ebook combo. The winners from the recent Holiday Paranormal Paperback Giveaway are announced.

Will reviews the three Dreamspun Desires books he recently finished--Seven Card Stud by Ava Drake, Catching Heir by Julia Talbot, Striking Sparks by Ari McKay--as well as recaps the line's first year. Jeff then reviews A Faithful Son by Michael Scott Garvin and Save of the Game by Avon Gale. The guys also discuss their recently purchased coffee tablebooks from Michael Stokes, Invictus and Adonis Blue.

Jay from Joyfully Jay stops by with a look at some of her favorites from 2016 as well as holiday book recommendation.

Jeff & Will chime in with additional holiday reviews for the books Daddy Kissing Santa Claus by Max Walker and Foxe Den by Haley Walsh (with an audio performance from Joel Leslie) and the holiday film Shared Rooms. Will closes out the show talking about the phenom that is Yuri on Ice.

Episode 63 shownotes, plus the chance to win a Rivals audiobook/ebook combo, are at

Dec 12, 2016

Jeff and Will start off with news about their co-writing project, a holiday giveaway that Tammy Middleton is running with several authors from December 12-23, plus the Rainbow Awards were announced and Jeff was a runner up in two categories!

The guys talk about their Christmas visit to Disneyland as well as Will's first time at The Ripped Bodice Bookstore, where the show has recently sponsored a shelf in the LGBT section.

NBC's Hairspray Live! broadcast is reviewed.

Dreamspinner Press' Poppy Dennison stops by to discuss the expansion of the Dreamspun Desires line to include Dreamspun Beyond for paranormal and Dreamspun Undercover for mystery.

Michael Jensen is interviewed about his latest book, Man & Beast, as well as his forthcoming Man & Monster and his new Drowning World series.

Complete shownotes for episode 62 are at

Dec 5, 2016

Jeff and Will discuss what they're looking forward to during their weekend in Disneyland as well as Will's first trip to The Ripped Bodice.

Lex Chase stops by to discuss The Unlikely Prospect, her very first contemporary book which is part of Dreamspinner's State of Love series. Lex's mention of Hallmark Channel Christmas films leads the guys into talking about movies they've enjoyed during this year's Countdown to Christmas.

Next up they review holiday stories from Matt Burlingame and A.J. Truman. Jeff also reviews Rank by Richard Compson Sater.

Brandilyn from Prism Book Alliance also offers up some book recommendations.

Complete shownotes for episode 61, and the chance to enter the Holiday Paranormal Paperback Giveaway, are at

Nov 28, 2016

Jeff updates his NaNoWriMo progress, including the realization that he will not have 50,000 words by the end of November. Plus he's got news about Love's Opening Night and the audiobook of Rivals going on sale.

The guys give a shoutout to The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway as it commemorates its 12,000th performance this week.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is reviewed by Jeff & Will.

Author Z.A. Maxfield stops by to talk about her latest book, My Cowboy Freedom, and also discusses her nearly 10 year publishing career as well as offers a look into the future with what's coming next.

Complete shownotes for episode 60, and the chance to enter the Holiday Paranormal Paperback Giveaway, are at

Nov 21, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving wishes to everyone!

Jeff updates his NaNoWriMo progress plus has news about Love's Opening Night and Rivals.

The Big Gay Fiction Giveaway, featuring free ebooks from more than 80 authors, which runs through Sunday, November 27, is announced.

Will reveals the top five gay romance titles on Amazon for the week and then reviews books by Clare London and Kate McMurray while Jeff reviews a title from Michael Jensen. Lisa from The Novel Approach also offers up book reviews—one holiday book plus three from debut authors.

The Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix is on the guys must-watch list for the coming weekend. Jeff and Will reveal their top five GG episodes along with honorable mentions.

Broadway musicals appearing on the Thanksgiving Day Parade telecasts on NBC and CBS are called out. In addition the guys discuss the recent coming out of Alex Danvers on the CW's Supergirl along with the four-episode crossover that's coming for the CW superhero shows on November 28. They also express their support for Billy Gillman on NBC's The Voice.

Complete shownotes for episode 59, and the chance to enter the Holiday Paranormal Paperback Giveaway, are at

Nov 14, 2016

Beginning with commentary on this past week's election, Will drives the point home with a quote from Angels in America: "The great work begins."

Moving on to the usual topics, Jeff speaks to the progress made on the NaNoWriMo project as well as the production of the Derrick McClain performed audiobook, Rivals.

Will offers up the top five best selling gay romances on Amazon before announcing the Holiday Paranormal Paperback Giveaway.

A.J. Marcus discusses his New Mexico-based States of Love novella An Enchanting Liftoff.

J. Scott Coatsworth and Angel Martinez talk to the guys about Queer Sci-Fi's origins and its plans for world domination.

Complete shownotes for episode 58, and the chance to enter the Holiday Paranormal Paperback Giveaway, are at

Nov 7, 2016

Jeff & Will open with a NaNoWriMo update and how the first few days of the month have gone for their co-writing project. In addition, Jeff has news on the release date for Love’s Opening Night (December 28) and that Somewhere on Mackinac has gone into the editing phase. In addition, the novella Rivals has gone into produciton as an audio book for a December release.

Will unveils a new Top 5 segment. This week he looks at the top five best selling gay fiction titles in the Amazon U.S. store as of November 6.

Alicia Nordwell stops by to discuss her installment in Dreamspinner’s States of Love series called On Fire.

Will reviews three books: A Matchless Man by Ariel Tachna, The Senator’s Secret by K.C. Wells and Tight End by Devon McCormack. Jeff talks about two books: Romancing the Beat: Story Structure for Romance Novels and Don’t Stop Believing by Gwen Hayes.

The Fox TV presentation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do The Time Warp Again is also reviewed.

Complete shownotes for episode 57 are at

Oct 31, 2016

Jeff and Will open the show open by wishing their listeners a happy and safe Halloween.

NaNoWriMo kicks off  on November 1 and the guys talk about some of the planning they've been doing and wish luck to everyone doing NaNo this year.

To celebrate BGFP's first anniversary some stats are shared about the show, including the number of guests they've had on and what regions of the world listen most. In addition, Jeff & will look back on their favorite moments from the year and read some thoughts from listeners as well.

GRL is recapped as the guys discuss this year's retreat, including what they enjoyed during the weekend. Three of GRL's organizers--Ethan Day, Carol Lynne and Reese Dante--are also interviewed to talk about the past, present and future for the gathering.

Complete shownotes for episode 56 are at

Oct 24, 2016

The show's upcoming anniversary is next week and Jeff and Will would love to hear from listeners about what they've enjoyed and what they'd like to hear in the coming year. Listeners are encourage to leave comments either in the shownotes or as a review on their favorite podcast outlet.

With the fall TV season in full swing, Jeff & Will review what they've been watching, including Stranger ThingsThis is Us, Speechless, The Good Place, the superheroes on the CW and more.

Will reviews Stranded with Desire by Vivien Dean and Rick R. Reed and Jeff's reviews TJ Klune's Murmuration.

TJ stops by to discuss Murmuration along with what it's like being a full time author, books that might be becoming a movie and a play, and what's coming up for him in 2017. After the interview, Jeff & Will talk further about NaNoWriMo.

Complete shownotes for episode 55 are at

Oct 17, 2016

The guys take a moment to say hello to any new listeners who may be sampling the show after Jeff & Will's interview with Joanna Penn appeared on The Creative Penn podcast, which was later given a shoutout on the Sell More Books Show.

BGFP Coloring Pages make their debut this week. Listeners who are already on the email list received theirs on Monday. Anyone can get coloring pages by subscribing to the BGFP monthly newsletter (the sign up box is at the top right corner of this page).

Spirit Day is Thursday, October 20. Listeners are encouraged to participate to take a stand against bullying.

BGFP's one year anniversary is just a couple of weeks away. Jeff & Will would love to know what your favorite moments are and what you'd like to hear more of in the new year. You can leave a comment on the shownotes page.

Ethan Day stops by as part of the 2016 GRL Blog Tour to talk about his upcoming Meteor Springs series and what he's looking forward to in Kansas City.

Jeff & Will mention where they can be found during GRL, and what they're excited about for the weekend. Jay from Joyfully Jay also gives the scoop on what she's doing at GRL and offers up some fall book recommendations.

Complete shownotes for episode 54, and the chance to enter the Big GRL Blog Tour Giveaway, are at

Oct 10, 2016

The guys open with a quick recap of the week, which includes Jeff working on Codename: Winger #2 and getting things ready for GayRomLit. As part of the preparations, they remind everyone to like the podcast on Facebook so they can watch any Facebook Live broadcasts from the weekend.

Tuesday, October 11 is National Coming Out Day, which celebrates coming out as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or as an ally. On Friday, October 14, Winnie the Pooh turns 90. Jeff & Will also mention the upcoming anniversary for Big Gay Fiction Podcast and encourage listeners to leave comments about their favorite moments from the show.

LE Franks stops by as part of the GRL Blog Tour to chat about her Six Days series as well as Of Nuts & Men.

Will reviews two documentaries: Tab Hunter Confidential and Women He's Undressed.

Jeff talks to Cherylanne Corneille, Avon Gale, Heather Lire, V.L. Locey and Jenn Needle about the hockey romance anthology Changing on the Fly, which benefits a charity that supports inclusiveness in athletics.

Complete shownotes for episode 53, and the chance to enter the Big GRL Blog Tour Giveaway, are at

Oct 3, 2016

The guys are back after a couple weeks of traveling, which they recap in this episode.

Jeff kicks things off talking about his writing on the second Codename: Winger book as well as mentioning that the paperback edition of Dancing for Him is now available on Amazon and is coming soon to other paperback outlets.

Jeff & Will enjoyed their trip to the Gay Romance Northwest Meet Up in Seattle and they talk about the readings and panels they attended. Tracy Timmons Gray, director and lead volunteer of GRNW, also talks with them about the grass-roots conference. While in the city they also went to the Amazon Books store and offer up a report on that experience.

In middle September, Truth Slash Fiction went viral as Larries discovered the show and its trailer. The guys congratulate the TSF crew and offer a link to a fan video that's been created.

Posy Roberts stops by the GRL Blog Tour to talk about her books, including the North Star series and the Naked Organics series. Jeff also talks about his participation in the Dirty Dozen Blog Tour, which began October 1 and features a dozen authors answering a dozen questions.

Jeff recalls his East Coast trip, starting with Cycle for the Cause which includes his interview with Glennda Testone, executive director of the LGBT Center in NYC on why the ride is important to those inside and outside the tri-state area. He also reviews Cats and the Starfleet Academy Experience.

The show wraps up with book reviews for Shira Anthony's Take Two and Avon Gale's Breakaway.

Complete shownotes for episode 52, and the chance to enter the Big GRL Blog Tour Giveaway, are at

Sep 26, 2016

It's Banned Book Week and the guys start off with a reminder of the event The Novel Approach is hosting which they will be sharing on the podcast's Twitter and Facebook feeds, as well as talking about the most challenged books of 2015.

Jeff talks about the revival of the musical Falsettos which begins on Broadway this week.

Bea & Leah Kock, owners of The Ripped Bodice bookstore in Culver City, stop by for an interview about how they started the only all-romance bookstore in the U.S. They also discuss how they stock the store, who their customers are, the events they have and much more.

Complete shownotes for episode 51, and the chance to enter the Big GRL Blog Tour Giveaway, are at

Sep 19, 2016

The guys open the show with a preview of the Gay Romance Northwest Meet Up happening this weekend in Seattle (September 23 & 24). They encourage everyone to like the podcast Facebook page so they'll be notified of any Facebook Live broadcasts that happen during their trip to the event.

J.R. Barten is interviewed as part of the 2016 GRL Blog Tour where she talks about her new book, Un;finished.

Jeff and Will preview what they're looking forward to in the fall TV season--because it is premiere week!

Lisa from The Novel Approach stops by with news on Banned Book Week and the event her blog is hosting for the week. Plus she's got three recommendations for listener's fall reading list.

Complete shownotes for episode 50, and the chance to enter the Big GRL Blog Tour Giveaway, are at

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